About Us

Nowadays highly digital world it is a given fact that every company, whether small, medium or large-scale needs an online digital footprint. With the rapid rate of globalisation, customers are no longer Constrained to the immediate neighbourhood or one’s own city. They can come from the far corners of the country and the globe. At iLander Technologies, we help you reach out to your customers through our wide range of technology and design-oriented services, namely:  

Web Design and Development

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Graphic Designing

The depth and range of our services has its roots in our rock-solid belief that “if you can dream it, you can do it.” We also believe that we are because of our clients. And if we can take that extra step and walk that extra mile, we will not only be able to sustain our business but also help our clients write their own success stories. Growth is mutual, and client satisfaction the key to achieving all goals.
The creative power that runs iLander Technologies is in the hearts of our highly talented work force. Each member of our team comes with extensive experience in application development for mobile and web-based platforms, creative design, SEO and SMM. They also continually keep themselves updated on the latest technological and design advancements and trends that people expect from their service providers. Our people have worked on a wide variety of projects in their respective careers, and their work portfolios are filled with high-profile clientele. Besides being experience rich, our team is also honest and hardworking, which ensures that every project leaves our desks as per quality standards and stated deadlines, often much before the given date and time.
Professionalism, transparency, commitment, integrity: these are the four tenets that we worship at iLander Technologies. And we embed these beliefs into our projects as well, irrespective of how big or small they are. We face the challenges, ups and downs, simplicities and complexities of each of our projects with a never-give-up attitude. This approach not only helps us succeed but also makes us confidently deliver quality work to our clients.

Our Great Team

Our team of web designers, web developers and app programmers come with anywhere between 5 to 7 years experience in their respective fields. our employees work history includes a vast and assorted collection of websites as well as mobile and in-house applications for organisational use. Our team  includes digital marketing professionals who work in association with the designers and developers. our employees  expertise in SEO, SEM and SMM is critical in creating an online niche for our clients’ varied businesses.





Hello. I love my work.

Siva Sankar Neela
Managing Director

Hello. I love my clients.

Yellamanda Rao V
Project Manager

Hello. I love my clients.

Graphic Designer

Hello. I love my clients.

Santosh Kumar
Web Developer