FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The below mentioned questions are the most common questions our clients asks us who are really new to web design field and web development. If you are related to web/software probably don’t need to read the following. Please talk to us to know more in detail and start your website.

The aesthetic look, visual display of text, images and videos on a web page, and navigational elements constitute website design. Website development, on the other hand, constitutes the use programming languages and web technologies to build and run the website. The perfect website development process makes optimal use of both design and programming to give the best user experience.
We typically take 1 to 2 weeks to build and deploy the website. Apart from design and development, this time frame includes testing and quality fixes as well, depending upon client feedback, updations, and complexity of the website, the time frame could increase.
You are free to choose from our range of off-the-shelf website templates as is. Alternatively, we can customise them for you depending upon your business requirements. We are also open to building new templates especially for you from scratch based on any ideas you might have in mind.
Your website will be compatible with all existing platforms available. These include Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Flock and Opera. We test each website extensively across all these platforms to give you best value for your money. Your website will also be responsive, which means users will be able to access it on laptops/desktops, tablets and mobile phones.
We do not charge for minor changes in website design, functionality or content. However, if you were to suggest a more prominent update such as adding a new page or redoing a section of the website, some basic development charges would apply. These charges would depend upon the amount of work and man hours required.
Yes, of course! If we build your website, we’ll provide a hosting platform for it as well. A nominal hosting fee on a monthly or yearly basis would be applicable.
Yes, it is your website, and you have every right to control it! We will hand over the username/password so that you can easily access the website files whenever you wish.
Yes, we will strive to keep your website free from breakdowns and viruses throughoutthe year. We will conduct weekly maintenance checks on your website to ensure that they are running optimally. These quality checks will be done across all web browsers.
We build mobile applications for Google Android, Apple iOS, Symbian, Windows phones, Blackberry and more.
We will typically take 7 to 10 days to design and deploy the application. However, depending upon the complexity of the app, the time frame might extend. The timelines will be discussed and intimated to you before starting the project.
Yes, of course! However, we strongly recommend finalising the purpose and functionalities of the app at the start of the project itself for quality purposes. If the suggested change is crucial, we will do our utmost best to incorporate it and maintain the quality of the app at the same time.
We use the latest and licensed logo designing software to create your logo. But before that, we first strive to understand your company and its motto so that we can include their essence into the design.
Yes, we will give you a choice of 2 to 3 designs and you can choose the one that you like best.
Yes, the raw file of the final logo will be handed over to you upon successful completion.
JPG,jpg,png,gif formates of logos are available.
Each website we design is optimised for search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc for computer as well as mobile use. For Social Media Marketing, we use options such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and other similar sites to create widespread awareness of your company and its services amongst internet users.
A #1 page ranking is not always possible. But we always strive to work in that direction. However, we do guarantee that your website URL will appear in the first two SERPs.
Your website URL will be available depending on the search engines it is fed into. Google is the most popular and widely accessible. Yahoo and Bing are the other search engines you can opt for. 
We use the latest keyword selection tool to determine which keywords are relevant to your brand. We also assess the popularity of each keyword and how often users use those keywords in their search queries. We then use the keywords in our website content to make your website search engine friendly.
Each project that we take up follows a six-step process flow. This includes analysis of client needs and target audience, planning, designing, development, quality check and deployment. Post deployment, we consistently take care of maintenance of your website as well to keep it up to date and free from bugs.
Project completion and delivery depends upon the product we are designing. For mobile apps the timelines vary between 7 and 10 days, whereas for website development it could range from 7 days to 2 weeks. However, depending upon the simplicity or complexity of the product these timelines could vary slightly. You will be informed about the timelines before commencement of the project.
As our esteemed customer, you can reach us at any time via phone or email if you encounter issues or problems with your website. Our support is available on weekends too. We will promptly service all requests within 24 hours.